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Interview with BlackBerry Exclusive's Head Admin

What's your name?
Ian Fraser 
Do you go by a nickname?
How old are you?
Where were you born?
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Are you still living there now, If not where are you currently living?
What is your marital status?
Almost Married
Do you have any children?
4 , 3 stepkids and the dog.
Do you have pets?
Describe yourself in three words?
Hardworking,  Enthusiastic,  Hardworking 
Describe your day to day life in three words?
Hectic, Mayhem and Stressful
What type of music are you into?
Anything worth listening too,  Can't have favourites
What did you want to be when you grew up?
An Electronic Engineer
If you were stuck on a desert island name three things you couldn't live without?
Sun, Drink,  my Fiance 
What BlackBerry device did you start out with?
BlackBerry 8820
What BlackBerry device do you currently use?
The BlackBerry Classic and Priv 
Do you have a special talent?
What are you passionate about?
Food, Sex and BlackBerry, have to be boring and agree with al

What do you do to contribute to BlackBerry Exclusive?
Keeping the posts going and the groups peaceful 
What is your favourite native BlackBerry App?
Now tell us something about yourself that we don't know.
I walked the Sahara for charity


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