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BlackBerry Exclusive Bonus Ball Raffles – Winners Choice

Over the last month the BlackBerry Exclusive BBM Group has seen 2 Handsets given away as prizes using the UK Lottery Bonus Ball.

The Handsets were very generously donated by 2 of our members : Leeroy donating an amazing 24k Gold BlackBerry Passport


and my Co-Admin and BBE Founder Al Ranson, who donated an equally amazing Blackberry Passport SE with a UKarbon Skin



So the Balls were sold and the Lottery Draws arrived,  The 24k Gold handset drew a lot of attention but with the tickets being a high price they were selling  right up to the last hour before the draw.  The winner after all the last minute ticket rush, was Mickey from Canada with Number 53 and who is now the very lucky owner of the handset.

Mickey was over the moon with his win and said

"Seriously though, it is completely gorgeous and this is the first flip case that I have ever wanted to use, Spectacular"

Next up was Al`s Passport SE,  Priced slightly lower the ticket went like hotcakes.  Selling out in only a couple of days. A few of our Members and also Non-Member participants took a number of tickets so we were all hoping to win.

Saturdays draw on the 29th October saw Number 42 come out as the bonus ball, and luck was on my side, I am now the very lucky owner of Al`s cherished Passport SE.  Having received the handset today I will say the following

" I have wanted to go back to the Passport for a while and would like to thank Al for allowing his handset to be raffled this way. I am loving it and will

look after it.  Al`s donation of 40% of the money to a Cancer charity is also an amazing Gesture. Well done. "



Watch this space folks as we are looking at doing a very special Xmas Raffle for a high value handset, the model is still to be decided.



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1 thought on “BlackBerry Exclusive Bonus Ball Raffles – Winners Choice

  1. It’s very exciting to see these raffles!! The people raffling off the devices in each case were doing it so the total they collected (in the last raffle, 59 balls x 3 pounds) was less than the current market value of the device. It’s totally fair and can’t be biased at all since the ball numbers that people choose are published in the BBEX Lounge and the winning Ball is chosen by the UK lottery.

    So we have very generous people raffling off terrific devices which have gone to very worthy new owners.

    Congrats to Mickey and Ian!!

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