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So how do you configure your Priv or DTEK 50/60?

So you guys have a BlackBerry Priv or a DTEK 50 or 60 and you've switched from BlackBerry 10, Have you guys been finding it hard? Are you still struggling to make that adjustment to Android?

I know I personally hate Android, always have, but we have to adapt to the new look BlackBerry Software Company!

Ok Ok hate is probably too strong a word! So lets scale that back, I hate stock android and don't like what BlackBerry have done to it. However as we all know Android devices are customisable!

So I took the BlackBerry Priv and Put it through a nice customisation process.

Many people have seen over on my Instagram, if I swipe to the right on my Priv I do indeed get the full Hub and not the widget! (Instagram Video Shot Here)

That was one of the customisations that made me stay with the Priv.

So what have I done to the Priv? Well to be honest very little!

screenshot_20161116-175448So lets get the formalities out of the way, you will see my Priv home screen with the very talented Chrissy Costanza complimenting that fantastic screen the Priv has! :- You will also notice the Clock is a nice funky font!

Now from here in from the centre of the screen I swipe to the right and this displays the full hub which swipes in from the left hand side of the screen, just like BlackBerry 10.

Here you get access to every account that's currently integrated into the hub. Again just like BlackBerry 10. With 1 drawback, you cannot see your notifications in the hub. And if you have dismissed these from the top of the screen before reading certain ones you wont be able to see what they said!


So as described once you swipe left to right (from the centre of the screen) you will see the hub, and to prove that you get to see the full hub in all its glory you will see a screen shot from my hub showing my BBM messages, (albeit I cleared all bar 1 for the screenshot, sure Rico wont mind!)

So if you want the feeling of BlackBerry 10 on your Priv, you may want to keep reading, but I will warn you it will cost you a Small amount of money.

For you to be able to gain full gesture control on your device you are going to need to install a new launcher and forget about the BlackBerry Launcher. (Hopefully BlackBerry take a few notes here)

You Need to install Smart Launcher 3 Pro: Note it must be Pro to get the advanced features and this is the bit you will pay for!

Then you need to configure it!

Hence the reason I asked the Question: So how do you configure your Priv, DTEK 50 or 60?

For me my configuration allows me to:
1) Swipe Left to Right - To Open Hub
2) Swipe Right to Left - To Open Instagram
3) Swipe Up - To Open Facebook
4) Swipe Down - To Open Camera
5) Double Tap the Home Button - To open BBM Enterprise
6) Double Tap the Home Screen - To open YouTube
7) Double Swipe Up - To Open The DTEK App
8) Swipe Left Edge to Right - To open the app drawer
9) Swipe Right edge to Left - To open quick actions
10) Hold down the Back Arrow on the home screen - To access Photos
11) Hold down the Square icon - To Open Regular BBM

Other items installed to help me with this configuration:
1) Glass Theme for Smart Launcher 3
2) Dark Glow Icons

And how's all this done? Why don't you take a look at the below screen shots, try it for yourself, have a play around with the options, and report back how you get on. this is Android Trickery at its best, and personally makes using the Priv a joy!

screenshot_20161112-152510screenshot_20161116-175843 screenshot_20161116-175834 screenshot_20161112-152459 screenshot_20161112-152505screenshot_20161112-152454 screenshot_20161112-152444 screenshot_20161112-152404 screenshot_20161112-152418 screenshot_20161112-152426 screenshot_20161112-152433 screenshot_20161112-152439 screenshot_20161112-152348 screenshot_20161112-152343 screenshot_20161112-152337

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