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Dreamers of Dreams

So it is the end of the year and most of us have had a good year, I mean we're still here right? Technology wise we've grown with BlackBerry, we've adopted and adjusted to Android haven't we?

I'm not sure about you but I had to adapt, I didn't want to.

Also we've seen a lot of bloodshed and terror this year across the world, and a lot of people have been affected one way or another, and with the rise of powerful people across the world next year is going to be challenging so to me now security is in my mind for family and friends.

So why I have named this the dreamers of dreams.

Where have the innovators gone? Where are the dreams coming to reality?

The last real innovation in mobile technology came with the launch of iPhone, which is the same technology were using today.

Yes things have got faster, things have progressed in clarity and apps have obviously moved on to help us in day to day life. But at the end of the day, we use a glass slab and connect to and react with the Internet.

BlackBerry had a dream, they liberated people from their desks, they advanced that to be the biggest player in their field until the release of the iPhone. Then they were left behind.

BlackBerry continued that dream in a last ditch attempt to bring itself back to a market which was dominated by android and iOS. They brought us BlackBerry 10. Right there is the innovation in software but the technology we needed was over looked. The os is incredible and yet didn't make a splash.

There are people out there who dream big but don't do anything about it. You are the dreamers, you guys are the innovators, the technology sector needs something new, if you look back in history, we grew up with the first computer system, the size of a house, they got smaller, faster and yes we can do more, but 30 years on, we still use a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor! Have we been too reliant on old ideas? Has this caused the dreamers to stop dreaming? Who knows but personally I have ideas, how to implement them is a different story. That's where I need innovators!

So I ask people who actually read this to contact us, we are going to set up a storyboard area for dreamers of dreams, the tech industry needs people who want to be bold and advance. And not people who's just sitting behind am old PC screen.

Final note from me this year, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And I personally look forward to seeing what we as the people who dream come up with!

Stay safe, don't let fear or anything else stop you being yourself!


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4 thoughts on “Dreamers of Dreams

    1. Does that mean you want to stay in the past? This is what I mean about no body dreaming, what could of been huge is being consigned to history. We are still as we were years ago. We need creativity and a new direction, BlackBerry tried, someone needs to step up with something new. A history defining moment. Dream big, don’t live for the past, live for what could be.

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