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Question Time……. Or Question Time Itself?

Is their an answer to a question or is there yet another question after the answer?

Riddle me this, riddle me that, is it a BlackBerry or is it not?

Back in 2012, I was shown a video, that video changed my whole way of thinking. It made me think, what if, and not whats next.
Bit of a contradictory statement most people move on and think whats next!

The video was the Keynote Speech introducing the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10.

At the time I had an iPhone 4S and had been loving it, but then I thought to myself what if BlackBerry can do what they say they can with this new exciting operating system, what if the iPhone isn't as good as I think it is? I wasn't thinking, whats next from Apple. I seen a new way of communicating, an OS albeit limited by support but never the less, quick, reliable, able to do things i'd never seen before. Up until that moment I hated BlackBerry devices. Yes I know many people will jump at that statement! True though!

So 2013 on Launch Day I got the Z10 in all its glory, OS 10.0 - Battery Sucked!!! But even with that thought the device was incredible! I simply gave the iPhone to the wife. No looking back.

A couple of months later, my wife had had enough of iOS and kept staring at my device, so she replaced the iPhone 4S with a shiny BlackBerry Z10 in White!

This is where the love affair with BlackBerry came from.

During the time with BlackBerry I basically had every device going including hands on with Developer devices. 10.0 grew up to 10.3 over the years and the OS I personally came to love was then suddenly halted in its tracks!
Like all BlackBerry 10 users our hearts simply sank! We screamed in outrage as we weren't getting updates, quality devices, or and valuable support.

I was forced to go down an android route. So took the Priv, I hated it, kept it 3 months and sold it, I went back to passport. After a further 12 months and a lot of battle in my own mind I thought what if, I bought another Priv, although there were newer devices, I had a plan. After a long chat with a lot of people I worked out that BlackBerry were implementing enough OS changes to mostly implement a BlackBerry 10 OS feel. (This takes a lot of configuring) So now armed with my Priv totally reconfigured, I thought what next? , Uh oh did I go backwards? I mean really?

In the time with BlackBerry 10 I met a whole load of people, some great and seriously imaginative people. Stephan, Ben and Quen were the first to pull me into there ideas, although mostly I asked them for help. Then there are the people who I brought in to Exclusive, Ian, Christina, Ann, Sheldon, Georgi. We had the odd rebel in the group but when we started to take off and BBEX was launched we moved really quickly!

Over the last year the groups have started to fall silent, the buzz of BlackBerry simply lost its spark. The BlackBerry 10 OS was the catalyst! It brought a world together! And I mean Literally!

I'd like to thank everyone who rode the BlackBerry 10 OS train with us and with me driving,

Mark, Aymen, Pat, Syed, Aashish, Ann-Louise, Burzin, DJ Fra (Your new site owner), Dnivog (BBEX gave him a Z30 you know!) Jhay, Jose, Kylieann, Malhar, Marco (Check out them apps!), Micheal, Mr Sir!, Rahmat, Shivam, Styleskey, Ngan, Rui, Gil, John W, Amit, Rick, Santhosh, John C (He does videos ya know over on a thing called YouTube, you may of heard of it) Kevin, Luis, Christina, Sheldon, Leo, Zocster!, Austriker, Himanshu, Joy, Matteo, Mikel, Stephan, Thomas, Brad, Valery, Fel, Sixtus, Quen, Leeroy, Mickey, Stef, Danny, Romeo, Corey (you all need this guy in your life!) Edixion, Georgi, John L, the Lady K, Michelangelo, Rico!, Usman, Steph, Jolly, and Jon!

And for those who i haven't mentioned i haven't forgot any of you for being there during that period.

So whats next? For me i'm back to thinking what if? Can i now make my decisions to help others, what if I can move forward with android where will it get me. will it ever get to be as clean, as crisp as BlackBerry 10? No I guess it won't, but What if BlackBerry released a new BlackBerry 10 Device, what if another company licensed BB10? How would I feel? How would you feel? What are your thoughts?

So what if?

If today was a day you could say What If? What would you say?

BlackBerry made me say what if, back in 2012. Today I use android, everyday i think, What if BlackBerry surprised me, what if the BlackBerry 10 OS gets a major update?

My thought for today is if you had the chance to go to a refreshed BlackBerry 10, would you? What if you did? what if you could?

So why question time itself? In 4 years I have met some of the greatest people ever, and in the darkest of times they have been and always will be friends, Time goes by so fast when your having fun, what if you decided to step off that rollercoaster? Or what if you've just decided to step on?

From me to you! Its not what device you have or what OS your running, what makes time go by is forward thinking, a great group of friends and a huge support network, although i'd never of found that without BlackBerry.

BBM is the heart of our community! Watch out for something new from me in the future!


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