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Evening guys, hope 2017 is treating you well! Personally, I went back to work last week on Tuesday and had the busiest week like ever!

How many of you were in the same boat?

There was one day I wrote over 260 emails, received near to 340 emails and felt like banging my head against a brick wall!

I don't think I could of done anything different or better though which says to me I know how to handle my BlackBerry PRIV.

Upon reflection I think I may of handled it much better and quicker on a BlackBerry 10 Device, but I've never had to stress Test BlackBerry 10 to that degree.

I am impressed with how the PRIV coped, and more so the fact it never slowed down nor crashed any app at all! Especially as I was tethering for quite a bit of the time!

So here's to looking back at BB10, we salute you for being the best OS we've ever been graced with!

What is it about BlackBerry 10 that makes the OS Shine? Answer below!


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7 thoughts on “Reflections….

  1. The BB 10 Os is annd will be the best for me because of the fluid multitasking capabilities, full gestures, active frames, the hub, and communication security with Os integration, and most importantly the BB10 Os integrated file manager! .

  2. BlackBerry classic is the best in a classic phone and smoothness to the touch. With speed and accuracy is what BlackBerry is made of.

    All of the features any one can ask for…I would buy again and again from BlackBerry.

    My next phone will be the “Passport”…

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