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Another year on!

So ladies, kids and gentlegeeks another year has past and BBEX is still going, how? Oh yeah BlackBerry are still going.

What was that? BlackBerry is dead you say? Where on earth have you been MoFo?

BlackBerry as everyone knows it is no longer that's a given but BlackBerry as we know it is about to strike!

We had BlackBerry 10, we made it strong, could it defend itself, yes it could and damn it did itself justice, did BlackBerry help, no. But they gave it a fighting chance, and I expect to see more of this os. Although not sure where or when.

We had android, is this going well? Well it certainly looks good.

We had BlackBerry but that's the past.

We have BlackBerry the software company. Interesting stuff can only stem from here.

We have BlackBerry Mobile, the android arm of BlackBerry.

My question to you, what will be the BlackBerry 10 arm, coming soon?


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