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The KeyOne, Just another Day in Barcelona! After the event!

So what do you guys think of the Launch of the KeyOne? You watched it on YouTube right? Periscope? On CrackBerry?

The B.B.E.X. Lounge had several of its members at the event, and we didn't cover it...... or did we?

We actually Did, all day we had people uploading images and info into our B.B.E.X. Groups from the morning of the event through to the after party!

So I hand this post over to Rico, who was live at the Event Yesterday mixing it up with Alex Thurber, Nicolas Zibell and of course CrackBerry Kevin!

So what did Rico Send in to B.B.E.X. Well......

Hello BlackBerry Exclusive, Just wanted to give you my thoughts on the KeyOne, as now the launch has taken place.
The KeyOne, its official name, The Presentation, The VIP pass, We were there right behind the guys in the 3rd row, with our water bottles right behind all the 'big wigs' at TCL, And all the press and other invites were behind us, that was really nice! Also the show afterwards was just totally awesome! On display there was 32 KeyOne Devices with BlackBerry Staff there to help you out and answer any questions. There was a DJ going in the background, drinks and food flowing, it was really really nice, great service!.

So as for the device, I had a sneak peek with Steve Cistulli, but its a bit like candy, when you get shown it again, you want it more! Once you start using this device you start loving it!

What can I say about this device, it simply oozes quality, This is a machine built engineered tool, and is just solid, rounded corners, fits nice in your pocket and the screen is gorilla glass 4, LCD reminds me of my Z10 and Passport!.
What I really liked most about this device is being able to use it in one hand, with the keyboard at the bottom this is just like the old BlackBerry days. Everyone who knows me knows I love the passport, but I LOVE this device!
There is no wobble on the keys, the device is simply solid all round. I believe the device is around 180g in weight. Not too heavy, not too light. Thickness is really relevant, it has a really large battery at 3505mah so is the largest battery a BlackBerry has ever had, yet the phone is relatively thin! It does have the Snap Dragon 625 but has a big gas tank and enough power to get you through, this is not a gaming device, this is a power tool!

Overall though the device is really fast! I was putting youtube under tabs, I was running other apps, calendar with no slowdown. Email, Everything to be honest.

The back is nice, really nice, grippy but not just grippy like the Passport SE this is just soft, it feels good, it is a feel good device this is just something you want in your hand. The frets, are metal, nice and shiny, and the keyboard, let me tell you about the keyboard, If you close your eyes, you would think you were on a Bold 9900, This keyboard is up there with the best of them, if not better and works really well with Nougat. The convenience key, very handy! Set it up for what you need! It also has an FM Radio, and the speakers, what a surprise. I was talking to one of the BlackBerry girls and we were streaming a youtube video and I could hear it clear as day, every with all the music going on in the background! The speakers are solid, 2 speakers not one, and the one at the top, 3 speakers total and headphone jack at the top. It just sounds really good!

The camera, I was impressed, I was zooming in and zooming out real fast and this thing was just picking up the detail, they told me its not fully optimised yet, these are preproduction models. The camera was just gorgeous and real fast. First thoughts and first looks, very impressive.

This device will appeal to enterprise, especially power users, and looks, this device looks different. Its distinctive and if people want to go back to a BlackBerry this is the device that's going to do it!

The finger print sensor, blazing fast, this thing opens up right away, there maybe some brain training to do with regards to closing apps but overall blazing fast. I also find it more comfortable having the finger print sensor at the front rather than the back. Oh another thing on the camera, the camera is basically flush so when you put the phone down, its basically flat!

With two screen split, this just works! Watching youtube and putting something into your calendar at the same time was a joy. and moving between them via the keyboard, you're hen doing 3 things at once. Again just very impressive!

I did talk to the CEO Nicolas Zibell, this guy was just so pumped up that they were doing something with BlackBerry, they see a lot of future with this, this is the first device and a lot more coming. We will have everything, keyboard, no keyboard everything.

BlackBerry will also  be there, to judge and influence decisions on any device from the design stage.

TCL are very happy to be working with BlackBerry, they are very proud to be working with BlackBerry, they know that this brand has to be continued at the highest levels and that's why they are coming out with this iconic device.

I had a chat with Alex Thurber, The general manager of mobility solutions for BlackBerry and he's joined into the TCL team he feels this device is a home run. We did touch on BB10 and we kind of discussed this in the BBEX Channel, 'never say never and its not dead' but he couldn't discuss anything further. I didn't want to push that.

The After party was great, open bar, drinks, the food, the music, the lights, the ladies, everything. I'd say between 500 - 600 people. It just looked awesome especially when people left later on, we were there for about 3 hours afterwards and we just got to play with the devices. You will see some photos below where I took them from inside a lighting booth that allowed us to take photos and compare devices etc.

One thing I forgot to mention, I asked Nicolas about the carriers and he couldn't confirm anything as they are still negotiating in America 2 of the carriers need to be certified so maybe a little slower to release than Europe. The first batch, the first order is already out from hongkong though. And with these phones on the way, they should be on sale from April.

Price, honestly it would be great at 200, 300 at that price you'd think whats wrong with the phone. I think the price is correct for this quality of phone, if you compare this to iPhone or pixel, this is probably a better build quality device. This is just a different phone. This feels like a Porsche design device, the device is incredibly good.

So in summery from Barcelona and an exclusive from BlackBerry exclusive, this was a great event, it was an honour to be here, on the following day I did get to use Kevin's, Kevin from CrackBerry KeyOne, Yeah he has one, He took out his phone, from 6am, lots of calls, lots of emails, he had been using his device lots of streaming, twitter, Instagram, and at 1:30 we said, hey Kevin, what's your battery status right now? He says guys, you know what, 60%. Yes 60% after a high powered day.

KeyOne is a high powered machine, a come back machine and is just what we needed. BlackBerry is back, For Sure.

For now that's me signing out, BlackBerry Exclusive from Barcelona, and hopefully one day the BBEX team will be able to meet up at one of the major events also!

BTW We did take some pictures of the device with the Priv, SE and Dtek 50 which you will see below, and I forgot to mention the QUALCOMM quick charge, using 3.0, you can have your device charged real quick, like 30 minutes or so and you can go for hours!

Thanks to Al, Nikki and the Gang @ BBEX, Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or on BBM my information is below.

Thanks for that Rico, an incredible piece from the inside of the Barcelona Event. We suggest you go Follow Rico on Twitter: Rico4you - Instagram: Rico_4_You - BBM: Rico4you

And enjoy these delightful photos from the event and also this Rogers Video which is floating around twitter, and you will see our good friends Rico and Edixon having a good conversation with the BlackBerry representative!


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