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BlackBerry Connecting International Women!

Now going off my previous post How Air Messages Brings Friends Together!

This week loads of women from around the world celebrated International Women's Day

Last year, women around the globe supported the campaign named #PledgeForParity which commited to help women and girls achieve their life ambitions, call for gender-balanced leadership; by valuing women and men's contributions equall; and create inclusive flexible cultures.

Forgive me readers, yes I am a woman but in all honesty I didn't really know about International women's day until I got to know the likes of Kylie Ann and Ann.  On Wednesday afternoon UK time of around 1pm I was chatting with Ann Louise Winter and Kylie Ann, who both explained that they were taking a flight to New York to meet up with the lovely Alicia from CrackBerry. Which gave me an idea for this post!

So first we had Air Messages bringing friends together, we also have BBM bringing friends together.  Now Kylie Ann tells me that both herself, Ann and Alicia are all BlackBerry Fans and enjoy chatting about technology.  They are in several groups together, including the B.B.E.X Lounge and decided to meet up and get together for some fun, and what perfect day to meet up, on International Women's Day.

From what I'm hearing from Kylie, they had a lovely time together on Wednesday and the fun isn't stopping there as apparently they are meeting up with Romeo (another B.B.E.X Lounge member!)

Take a look at these amazing pictures of their amazing trip and enjoy the rest of your time together, but most importantly have a safe trip home ladies

I have been given permission from the ladies to use the following photos below!

You can follow the ladies on Twitter by clicking here:

Alicia @scaperfan | Ann @Ani1u7 | Kylie @kewlgirl05

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