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How Air Messages Brings Friends Together!

Back in September 2016 a good friend, who goes by the name of Marco Gallo released his app called Air Messages.

This amazing app allows users to connect with people and explore other countries from the comfort of their sofa.  I had always wanted to visit other countries, but since my paper passport had expired, and yet to update and renew it, I thought Air Messages would be a good option to sneakily visit other countries without leaving the sofa!

So I threw my first message with my BlackBerry Pin, I mean what did I have to lose, right?  I didn't find any decent people to chat too on the app, I thought to myself well I tried.  It may sound daft to others but I struggle to make friends, I'm not sure if it's to do with my anxiety or nerves but when my husband, Alan used the app, he came across a lovely gentleman called Corey.  Alan had been chatting to Corey for about a month before he introduced me to him and thanks to Air Messages I gained a new friend from Canada.

Now nearly two years down the line I still speak to Corey daily!  We would chat on BBM Messenger about each other's day's, the latest BlackBerry devices and news and as time moved on we took our chats to another level and started enjoying face to face chats over BBM Video, and more recently over on our very own BlackBerry Exclusive Video Chat Room.

From where I live, I have a very small group of ladies who I meet up for crafty things, coffee and walks around the beautiful country park that is within walking distance from my front door, but as much as I enjoy doing those things, it's not the same as chatting and having a laugh with my friend from Canada, I feel like I've known him for a lot longer.

As we grow older we appreciate those that we meet, those who we can relate to and those who never bother with you, that stand out like a sore thumb!  On a serious note, I am grateful for those selective few that I can rely on, in dark times, as well as the good times and for that I am totally grateful to Marco's app for allowing me to sneakily visit Canada, because without it, myself and Alan wouldn't have met such a down to earth, fun, loving friend.

When I do get to go update and renew my paper passport and win the lottery, I will be booking flights to visit my best friend in person and will definitely be wanting to build a snowman!


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5 thoughts on “How Air Messages Brings Friends Together!

    1. Thanks Jollyman!
      As I stated in the post, you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain! It’s especially handy if you can’t get out much, so it’s perfect to meet new people from the comfort of your own home! Who needs a passport, right? Well not the paper kind lol

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