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Are we seeing BlackBerry Returning to the Highstreet?

Well kind of!

Yesterday just browsing the Carphone Warehouse website I noticed a little bit of information.

So when I checked it out, Carphone list a load of their stores which will be stocking the KeyOne, albeit they do say limited stocks.

So guys, is this a move that will see a return of the once great company we all believed in? Will the KeyOne be able to make a splash in a mobile market dominated by the Samsung S8?

Personally I am not sure, sure the KeyOne will appeal to many users who want the best of Android that has been secured and has the best Keyboard like ever! But I fear the brand and reputation have taking such a bad hit over recent years that people could simply snub the KeyOne. Although I hope not.

Anyway people who are looking to pick up the KeyOne, this time you will get to play with it before you buy it! That's gotta be a plus right? Fingers crossed that this is enough!

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