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How to become a smart smartphone users ?

Nowadays, there is the big everything-smart trend. We have been through nearly 20 years with smartphone, 10 years with smart-houses and several years of the smart everything called IoT. So, how about people ? Are we getting smarter ?

The answer is yes, of course. We are getting enough smart to control everything in smarter ways which are faster, more intelligent stuffs, less human strength, more convenient and so on. But still, there are a lot of aspects that affect to human behaviors. People come from around the world may have different living standards, mindsets and also feelings. For one feature on the smartphone like chatting/texting/communicating, or so called OTT, there are a bunch of choices out there for us to go with.

So, what should we choose in order to be a smart user ?

In this 4th generation of industrial innovation, Internet plays a top role. Everything will be connected including smartphones, glasses, houses, cars, boats, missiles... through Internet. The truth is that, those connection is no purely the good things. They have to live together with some pad buddies or neighbor as known as hackers, virus, malwares and network corruptions. So, if we are smart, and yes, we are, there are an aspect need to be taken into account, the security.

Now we are back to the game which has been played for decades. People who are still thinking that we are outside of security manner and awareness need to rethink again, in a smarter way. Imagine that one day, your washing machine gets hacked, your own wifi network get controlled, your personal data, pictures, information, contracts, sensitive data are stolen from your PC/Laptop when it is powered on and connected to Wifi.... What a nightmare! You see, security is playing such good and dangerous role now and even more for years to come.

So the previous question should have an answer now. We should take care much about our own safe in choosing everything in our life, not only about the bad people, thieves, gangsters... but also the attacks from the Internet. As to myself, I refer BlackBerry BBM for OTT because of such reason and reality. Depends on how your take care about your private life, you can have a choice as different one, that fine, but I'll be safer and ready for any unlucky days would come with a hacker along Internet's cable.

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