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The very first KEYone in VietNam

Hi guys,

So far the KEYone has  been out for a while and we are lucky to have some unboxing videos in VietNam. Of course, most of you can not understand Vietnamese and obviously get bored if I show up some of the links. Insteads, I will give the sums of what are going on and how the KEYone tunes our Vietnamese BlackBerry fans.

In short, the KEYone arrived VietNam 2 or 3 days ago via an importing services which works for an smartphone store located in HCM city. From there, we started to receive the information that another stores that have same products. All of them are the ones for UK market. And we have not yet known that how they were order and which is the vendor in UK who provided that deal.

The price is surely higher than that in UK. After some calls to those stores, the begining price is about 840USD. There are few people who can not wait for the official products to come to Viet Nam. The stores' owners know them well and push the price much higher while they are still hot. The rest of users or the ones who have interest in the device would wait until the price become more comfortable. Of course the import fees is expensive in case of VietNam. That price is not a big surprise for us since it is same as Priv time.

The users have another reason to wait since they have already experienced the Priv. There are some factors from the performance, heat, battery consumption, laggy, camera quality.. and so on which need to be more sure in real life. The first impression is very nice back with luxury material, feel good when holding in hands, performance is not yet compared to the other one, but they will do it soon. The keyboard is sweat sticky and look like the Bold 9790 because of its curves on the sides. Some users said it started getting hot after short time working, but not sure how much as that hot. Vietnamese weather not is around 33 Celcius for your information, it affects to the device's temperature also. In other country like UK, USA, it would be cooler, I am sure.

I will send you some videos which have English in there and for this post, I have only some pictures. Let's have a look and thanks for reading.

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