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The KeyOne, Just another Day in Barcelona! After the event!

So what do you guys think of the Launch of the KeyOne? You watched it on YouTube right? Periscope? On CrackBerry? The B.B.E.X. Lounge had several of its members at the event, and we didn't cover it...... or did we? We actually Did, all day we had people uploading images and info

Another year on!

So ladies, kids and gentlegeeks another year has past and BBEX is still going, how? Oh yeah BlackBerry are still going. What was that? BlackBerry is dead you say? Where on earth have you been MoFo? BlackBerry as everyone knows it is no longer that's a given but BlackBerry as we know

Well so it begins! 2017 that is!

Well its the beginning of a new year and we're all back at work this week, so what are the plans for 2017? We've been looking at ways of how to bring you news in a faster format and without the resources, and so far we've still drawn a blank! Also due

The next 12 months….

Well as it is every year it's that time where people reflect on what was good, what was bad and what didn't quite fit into those categories... What a year 2016 has been hasn't it! In light of all the high profile celebrity deaths,  of which at least one of those deaths