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The very first KEYone in VietNam

Hi guys, So far the KEYone hasĀ  been out for a while and we are lucky to have some unboxing videos in VietNam. Of course, most of you can not understand Vietnamese and obviously get bored if I show up some of the links. Insteads, I will give the sums of

Japan still has its BlackBerry Life

From my business trip to Japan 2 months ago, I hoped to have a successful trip with my new company which located in here. Without a BlackBerry, I was foreseeing a non-interesting days ahead. But now, it is surprisingly changed into a interesting way. I was handed an iPhone 5 as

Do you need a RoadMap from BlackBerry ?

This what we are having today, may be you all know :) From the day that BlackBerry10 had got out of the dark, still we relied on CrackBerry as most popular source for BlackBerry news, apps and leaks. Later on, BlackBerry has changed the way of doing business, also the way