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The KeyOne, Just another Day in Barcelona! After the event!

So what do you guys think of the Launch of the KeyOne? You watched it on YouTube right? Periscope? On CrackBerry? The B.B.E.X. Lounge had several of its members at the event, and we didn't cover it...... or did we? We actually Did, all day we had people uploading images and info

App Manager by Rad Systems Update v1.5

Following an initial test of this impressive App it has won the Blackberry Developer Hero Award. With this new release v1.5 thee Developer has managed to Improve further on this great app including the following new features: What’s new in v1.5: Quick Launch can now also open shortcuts to settings, files, folders, and websites

SwipeCall by Hugsoft

Well guys its time for another app review, this time I've chosen SwipeCall from Hugsoft. To be fair this is one app I thought I would have no use for, however it comes in really handy! I have found myself using the app more and more. Its probably more for ease than