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The very first KEYone in VietNam

Hi guys, So far the KEYone hasĀ  been out for a while and we are lucky to have some unboxing videos in VietNam. Of course, most of you can not understand Vietnamese and obviously get bored if I show up some of the links. Insteads, I will give the sums of

BlackBerry Keyone, Or Galaxy S8?

I have a feeling that this will be something on everyone's mind at the minute, including mine! So I thought lets list the stats for both devices and lets see what your thoughts are? BlackBerry Keyone? Or Samsung Galaxy S8? General Keyone Galaxy S8 Release date April 2017 April 2017 Form factor QWERTY Touchscreen Dimensions (mm) 149.30 x 72.50 x 9.40 148.90 x 68.10 x 8.00 Weight

The KeyOne, Just another Day in Barcelona! After the event!

So what do you guys think of the Launch of the KeyOne? You watched it on YouTube right? Periscope? On CrackBerry? The B.B.E.X. Lounge had several of its members at the event, and we didn't cover it...... or did we? We actually Did, all day we had people uploading images and info

BlackBerry Exclusive Bonus Ball Raffles – Winners Choice

Over the last month the BlackBerry Exclusive BBM Group has seen 2 Handsets given away as prizes using the UK Lottery Bonus Ball. The Handsets were very generously donated by 2 of our members : Leeroy donating an amazing 24k Gold BlackBerry Passport and my Co-Admin and BBE Founder Al Ranson, who