Vinaberry – Ngan of BlackBerry Exclusive

Vinaberry is a vietnamese website for all things BlackBerry : This is the about Vinaberry extract, for English please use Google translate! VINABERRY xin chào anh em BBERs !!! Vinaberry được ra đời với thành viên một duy nhất hiện nay. Mục đích của Blog: Tạo mối liên hệ gần gũi giữa nhà phát triển ứng dụng và cộng đồng…

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News is out now!!! Freakattack be gone!!!

Well, just as Nik predicted here, BlackBerry has released for all us lucky Z10, Q10, and Z30 owners! So far, it’s being seen on both Rogers and Telus handsets today. And, for those of you wondering about the “Freakattack” security issue, it has been resolved with this release. Rest easy! Read more here:


Reverend Grim Asks…… Why No Apps for BlackBerry?

Yes my fellow BlackBerrians it the age old question we all ask here at the United Temple of BlackBerry, Why can’t we have the same apps as everyone else? I have been pondering this for some time now and have several different theories… Read more here:


New BBM Channel : Bucks Cr3ation

G’Evening All! Please stop by BlackBerry Exclusive’s very own Group Administrator, the one and only Bucks Cr3ation’s BlackBerry Channel C0019BD11 Go check the channel out and let him know BlackBerry Exclusive sent you over! On BlackBerry 10: Click Here