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How to become a smart smartphone users ?

Nowadays, there is the big everything-smart trend. We have been through nearly 20 years with smartphone, 10 years with smart-houses and several years of the smart everything called IoT. So, how about people ? Are we getting smarter ? The answer is yes, of course. We are getting enough smart to

Introducing BBM News & BBM DiscoverTV

Hello fellow BBM Enthusiasts. After Emtek took over the management of BBM, we have seen lots of changes on BBM. From a revamped UI and aggressive marketing to segmented content features. Here's the latest addition to BBM, recently launched for Android and iOS. BBM News BBM News has launched Worldwide on Discover bringing users

BlackBerry Connecting International Women!

Now going off my previous post How Air Messages Brings Friends Together! This week loads of women from around the world celebrated International Women's Day Last year, women around the globe supported the campaign named #PledgeForParity which commited to help women and girls achieve their life ambitions, call for gender-balanced leadership; by

So how do you configure your Priv or DTEK 50/60?

So you guys have a BlackBerry Priv or a DTEK 50 or 60 and you've switched from BlackBerry 10, Have you guys been finding it hard? Are you still struggling to make that adjustment to Android? I know I personally hate Android, always have, but we have to adapt to the

BlackBerry Channel Manager – New Additions

So while everyone wonders what is going on at BlackBerry we're starting to see subtle changes within the BlackBerry Channel Manager. As you can see, the rumoured e-commerce aspect seems to be coming through. And when you select Request Access: This looks to be the beginning of something which could really bring a