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Dreamers of Dreams

So it is the end of the year and most of us have had a good year, I mean we're still here right? Technology wise we've grown with BlackBerry, we've adopted and adjusted to Android haven't we? I'm not sure about you but I had to adapt, I didn't want to. Also

So how do you configure your Priv or DTEK 50/60?

So you guys have a BlackBerry Priv or a DTEK 50 or 60 and you've switched from BlackBerry 10, Have you guys been finding it hard? Are you still struggling to make that adjustment to Android? I know I personally hate Android, always have, but we have to adapt to the

App Manager by Rad Systems

The very first version of App Manager by Rad Systems has just been released over at BlackBerry World. App Manager gives you greater control and better access to the apps on your device, in a faster, easier and more efficient way. It is available now from BlackBerry World here: Please find the