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BlackBerry Keyone, Or Galaxy S8?

I have a feeling that this will be something on everyone's mind at the minute, including mine! So I thought lets list the stats for both devices and lets see what your thoughts are? BlackBerry Keyone? Or Samsung Galaxy S8? General Keyone Galaxy S8 Release date April 2017 April 2017 Form factor QWERTY Touchscreen Dimensions (mm) 149.30 x 72.50 x 9.40 148.90 x 68.10 x 8.00 Weight

Android for BlackBerry App update bonus

After having spent some time in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, October's BlackBerry Android software updates are now rolling out to everyone. This time around, there's updates for Hub+, Camera, Keyboard, Password Keeper and more! As noted on Inside BlackBerry: Our October Android software release also includes updates for the Camera and Keyboard software on

BlackBerry PRIV – The wait is over

The wait is now over for The BlackBerry Priv here at BlackBerry Exclusive! I am lucky enough to be the first one of the BlackBerry Exclusive team from the UK to receive the BlackBerry Priv. So after the delay from Carphone Warehouse promising the delivery by Friday 13th November 2015 of all

Falling in love again? – By Rahmat Widodo

Can the BlackBerry Priv Help Me Fall in Love Again? You'll remember, BlackBerry was once every professional's first smartphone love. That love was sealed with a hexadecimal BlackBerry PIN. In the mid and late 2000s, BlackBerry phones dominated the smartphone market with 50 percent of the market share in 2009. It was

Five Reasons that made me choose BlackBerry 10

Why did Shaun choose BlackBerry?.. My first Mobile Phone was the Nokia 2110 and have been hooked on mobiles ever since, While all my phones had been Nokia , my last Nokia was the N9, the best phone Nokia had created, it was the first smart phone that got rid of buttons