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Writings on the wall?

We have a couple of questions! Are you a BlackBerry Enthusiast who loves the brand and all that BlackBerry stand for? and Do you have free time and are willing to write for BlackBerry Exclusive? So if you have answered yes to both! - Drop up a line at - To become one of

Are You Excited About The Priv?

The BlackBerry Priv showcases something we haven't seen in such a long time - a new and exciting BlackBerry Device that people are taking notice of and most importantly interested in. The Priv has even got normal people interested and not just Business Executives and Businesses looking to order in

Time to start registering for a PRIV in the UK

Its time to get ready for the biggest changes that Blackberry has ever made in its existence. You have all seen the news,  read about it,  seen the pictures of it but now we are starting to get the pre-registration pages for the Blackberry PRIV appearing on the worlds phone providers pages. First we have